It’s finally gardening season and we have some great ideas on how to add a dash of color to your planters and gardens. ABC4 Utah’s Reagan Leadbetter is with Larene at Millcreek Gardens.

Growing gardens and flowers in baskets and planters is easy and can be a fun experience but there are a few steps you’ll want to follow to make sure they last through the spring and summer.

  • Container – They will need room to spread their roots and you’ll want drainage holes. Now that we have that in mind – Choose a basket or planter you’ll like!
  • Color – Pick a color scheme you’ll want or you’ll like. There will be a ton of options available.
  • Needs – You’ll want the flowers that are in the same containers to have the same needs, such as watering, sunlight, and other care requirements.
  • Soil – Potting mix should be high grade and encourage healthy, robust growth. The benefit of blooming, beautiful plants is what makes it all worth it!
  • Planting – Look at where your planter or container will be placed and plant the flowers in layers. Taller flowers in the back and showy flowers in the front. Using a hanging basket or something that will be visible from all angles? How about a tall or bushy plant in the center?
  • Care – Feed your flowers and plants with nutrients, keep them watered and make sure they’re getting the appropriate amount of sun and shade.
  • FinallySit back and watch them bloom!

As always, Larene and the staff at Millcreek Gardens can help you with picking the perfect choice for your planter or you can buy one already made when you visit them at 3500 South 900 East in Salt Lake City, UT.

Stop in and get all the tools, tips, and supplies you’ll need. Visit the Millcreek Garden’s website or call (801) 487-4131 for more information.

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