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Pilates perfect for cross-training

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Pilates has been a popular exercise program for years. While it’s often thought of as a standalone program, instructors are highlighting the benefits it brings to other workout routines as a way of cross-training. Mixing up workouts can be a beneficial way to improve strength in underutilized muscle groups.

Many people are planning exercise routines and fitness goals as the weather continues to get nicer and more people get outside. Experts say mixing up your routines can insure better overall strength and fitness.

Betsy Johnson is a Pilates instructor and director of Intermountain Healthcare’s TOSH Pilates Program. She notes the workouts done during a Pilates session can be helpful for a wide range of fitness goals.

“Pilates works such a wide range of muscles it becomes a perfect compliment to any workout plan whether it’s for an elite athlete or someone recovering from surgery,” said Johnson. “We can change the intensity to work with anyone’s fitness level.”

Experts have found that only doing one type of exercise can hinder future performance. Running for example is a great exercise for the body which works a range of muscles including the heart. Done on its own for too long can lead to muscle imbalance that can put train on joints and ligaments. 

Cross training with another fitness routine like Pilates can help prevent this. The benefit of Pilates as a program are the different benefits it can have on the body.

  • Core Strength and Stability
  • Injury Prevention
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Longer, leaner muscles

At Intermountain, Pilates has shown to be a valuable tool to help those recovering from injury, or elderly patients who may suffer from arthritis. The program has always included classes for the general public and athletes who cross train. With the popularity continuing to rise Intermountain TOSH is expanding its current program with more classes and instructors. The next round of classes begins on June 3rd. Classes start at $13 a session.

To register for next round of classes call 801-314-2210 or visit the Intermountain TOSH Pilates Program  website here: TOSH Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

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