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Oxygen treatments may help with concussion recovery

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Researchers at Intermountain Medical Center and LDS Hospital are launching a new study to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce symptoms of a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Dr. Lindell Weaver joined us yesterday to tell us about the studies.

Researchers at the two hospitals are seeking to identify 90 adult patients who have experienced a concussion and are still experiencing symptoms at least one year later. Qualifying participants will undergo 40 hyperbaric chamber sessions during a 12-week period.
Each chamber session will last about one hour, and researchers will collect information before and after a course of chamber sessions to see if there are changes in the symptoms associated with concussions.
“We’ve been using hyperbaric medicine in carbon monoxide poisoning and wound care treatment for many years, and our patients have experienced very positive results,” said Lindell Weaver, MD, principal investigator and medical director of Hyperbaric Medicine at Intermountain Medical Center and LDS Hospital. “We hope this research will identify if patients with persistent problems after a concussion can have improved outcomes with clinical trial participation.”
A concussion is categorized as a mild traumatic brain injury and can occur from a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, which disrupts the normal function of the brain. The impacts of a concussion can alter a person’s physical and mental abilities, and problems can last from a few days to the rest of their lives.
Study participants will be blindly divided into three groups:
-Participants who receive normal air (comprised of 21 percent oxygen)
-Participants who receive pressurized air (comprised of 21 percent oxygen)
-Participants who receive pressurized hyperbaric oxygen (comprised of 100 percent oxygen)
-People who are interested in seeing if they qualify to participate in the study can call 801-408-3623 or email for more information.

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