Ogden Regional discovering and treating abuse of new drug Kratom

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A leaf that started in South East Asia has made its way to Utah. Originally used in small doses to help with focus, Kratom is now being used in larger doses as a sedative.

At Ogden Regional Medical Center, they are finding patients are using Kratom in order to manage withdrawal symptoms related to opiates.

Unfortunately, Kratom hits the same receptor site as any opiate. The brain doesn’t realize if it’s real or synthetic. Patients are starting to become dependent upon it, seeking help with detox.

The drug is still new not providing a lot of research, but Ogden Regional Medical Center, offers great programs to help patients medically, physically, emotionally and mentally stabilize.

First, patients are medically stabilized at the hospital’s detox center where physicians are addictionologists, meaning they specialize in addiction. After that, four different programs are available: Inpatient (residence in the hospital overseen by a doctor), a Social/Residential Facility (with therapists, social workers, counselors, and rec therapists), and two outpatient programs.

For more information about Ogden Regional Medical Center’s programs go to: OgdenRegional.com

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