My Hearing Centers: on average most seek a solution to hear loss after 7-10 years

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After years of hearing loss your brain has already rewired your brain to process information through the other senses, making it harder to restore normal hearing later.

Dr. Enoch Cox from My Hearing Centers talked about those he helps try to restore their hearing. 

Waiting to treat hearing loss can be detrimental to restoring the sense in the future. Many people don’t think much about how they have to turn the tv louder, can’t hear as good in a crowded environment, or if a love one have points it out, and if this is the case it is most likely time to look into hearing loss.

My Hearing Centers has been selected as the first carrier in the nation for a new hearing aid, the Styletto. The Styletto processes sound at a million times per second. And the first caller at 801-506-6335 will be able to test the new hearing aid for free. 
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