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Managing your weight over the holidays can be a real challenge. Ross Jardine, the founder of Skinny Utah, was here today with some extra incentive in the form of a special black Friday offer that goes through the end of the year.

It’s Skinny Utah’s 4th anniversary and it’s celebrating by offering a 2-1 Black Friday deal for the rest of December. It’s never been done before and it’s limited to the first 50 people who visit a clinic and enroll in the program.

Joining the program with a partner always produces better results. It’s the best way to lose more and keep it off longer. Skinny Utah wants to make a partnership easy. When you enroll in December, you’ll get a certificate for a second person to join in the program for FREE.

Skinny Utah has also started working with clients anywhere in the country. You can even split the cost with someone outside of Utah and get half price for both partners.

Skinny Utah’s program maintains a 100% natural approach. There’s no such thing as prepackaged foods, drugs or hormones as part of the plan. The goal is to turn the body into a fat burning machine by eating real food. All clients lose 20 pounds or more in their first 40 days, which is why it’s Utah’s most popular weight loss program.

To take advantage of the 2-1 Black Friday Special, go to and schedule a free appointment. Normally a $200 value, there is absolutely no charge. You can schedule an appointment online at a one of four clinics in Centerville, Draper, American Fork and the newest in Orem.

You can also call 801-376-8080 to join.

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