McKay-Dee Hospital puts on ‘Our Friend The Hospital’ event

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) 1,500-second graders were sent to the hospital. Not because they had any injury but for a field trip to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden. It’s been a tradition for years to bring second graders to the hospital to alleviate any fears they might have about doctors or being in the hospital. It’s an event called “Our Friend The Hospital.”
“It’s a great program it started 42 years ago. One of the school teachers, her husband was a physician and she said she wanted to bring her class to show what her husband did,” said Mike Clark, McKay-Dee Hospital administrator.

It’s a unique event at Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden.  The event has become a staple in Weber and Davis Counties, where second graders from area schools are introduced to the hospital setting to learn about the medical profession and to become more comfortable if they have to ever visit the hospital. The event was held all week long with schools and classes attending on different days.  It’s designed to be an interactive event such as when they place a cast. 

Here are the departments/stations at McKay-Dee Hospital, where kids visited and got to interact with healthcare caregivers at McKay-Dee: 

  • Cardiology everyone learns about the heart and get to use stethoscopes: 
  • ER get them familiar with the hospital and not afraid. They will put a cast on one kid and then cut it off one hour later.
  • Lab talk about keeping infection free, teach them able testing
  • Pediatrics visit a hospital room, see the equipment, use a wheelchair
  • Surgery see a room and get surgical masks, nets.
  • Intermountain Life Flight if they are there, the flight team will meet the kids.

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