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Today on ABC4, Emily Clark talks to Brian Basset and Russ Talbot from Shadetree Automotive about how they’ve achieved over 600 google reviews about how great their automotive service and customer service is.

At Shadetree Automotive they offer a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty on repairs, and also while you’re car is being worked on they have an entire fleet of cars just so you won’t have to be without a car while the repairs are being done. They also offer a digital inspection which provides pictures of what has been done.

Another reason that Shadetree Automotive has received great reviews is because of their commitment to the community. They’ve been known to have block parties and auctions. They also consider their customer friends and family and they treat them as such.

The team at Shadetree Automotive has 152 years of combined experience. They’ve created a culture that is upbeat and happy. They’re focused on being professional but they still have a good time so everyone loves to come to work.

For more information or to book an appointment visit the Shadetree Automotive website or give them a call at 801-771.6711.

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