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Make 2020 the year to quit

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It’s hard to believe but it’s only two weeks away and a new year is always a great opportunity for a fresh start. Ryan Bartlett from the Utah Health Department’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program talked to us about setting goals to make 2020 a quitting year.

Many might not realize that people still do smoke, but Utah has the lowest smoking rate among adults at around 9%. Of those 9%, most of them want to quit. The New Year’s is a good time for people to set resolutions.

The first tip would be to develop a support group. Tell your loved ones and family that you plan to quit. Those who have a support group to help them along are more likely to be successful.

Second, make a list of all the reasons that you want to quit. It could be you don’t like the smell, or that people around you don’t like the smell of it. It could be to save you money, or give you more freedom.

The third, remove yourself from the situations that cause you to want to smoke and remove the things in your home and environment that trigger a desire to smoke. That could be removing ashtrays, lighters, packages of cigarettes.

The fourth, is to have a strategy in place to deal with the cravings. Chew a piece of gun, go on a walk, drink water, or call a friend. If you can delay the nicotine craving, it should subside. The desire will decrease each time.

The fifth tip is to not get discouraged. Sometimes it takes people several times to quit smoking. Seven, eight or nine attempts to quit is not uncommon.

You can find many resources available if you or anyone wants to quit smoking. Go to to help in your journey.

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