Let the Pros worry about your Lawn while you’re camping for Easter

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Today on ABC4 Utah we have the one and only Pest and Lawn Ginja with All Green Pest control and Lawn care and the infamous DIY guy from YouTube. He is here to give viewers a few tips, especially with the warm weather this Easter Weekend!

Ginja says that a few tips to prepare your lawn for the new season are to blow off the excess debris off the surface of the grass. It’s important to do this because debris blocks the new growth. You’ll also want to remove objects that could cause issues with the lawnmower.

  • You’ll want to look for areas that have matted grass and rake it upward to prevent snow mold.
  • The first mow of the season should be shorter than a normal mow; For example, 1.5″-2″ as this will help to stimulate new growth, remove the dead head of the grass, and also helps prevent rotting/fungus from the early onset of snow mold.

Make sure you hold off on watering but do not let the soil dry out. It’s important to understand what to do and when to start because cool-season grass grows when soil temps get above 40 degrees, low temps = low evaporation rates. There are a lot of factors that come into giving your lawn the best care that it needs which is why it’s so important to hire a professional who can help you make the best plan of action.

Due to the lack of winter storms this past year is a clear indicator that the soils in your area will be a bit depleted as nitrogen is formed and dropped during thunderstorms. It’s best to have your lawn checked.

Last but not least is that there are rumors that you can’t have short grass with Kentucky bluegrass and that’s not true. The only thing that matters is keeping the plant out of stress and not cutting too much off the top. the 1/3rd rule keeps you somewhat safe. Do not cut more than 1/3rd of the overall height of the grass.  For example: if your grass is 3″ tall do not remove more than 1″ of overall height. 

Visit All Green Pest Control and Lawn care to get a free quote and see what other suggestions they have to make sure your yard and garden are looking their best this year. You can see some of their reviews on Facebook or simply give them a call at (801) 477-1289 to schedule someone to come out and take care of you.

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