Just $69 could help you determine cardiac risk of a heart attack

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A five minutes scan, a CT Calcium Scan, can asses if you are at moderate risk of coronary disease or should be concerned about cardiac health, especially in patients over 35.

If you have a risk factor for coronary disease, a strong family history, are a smoker, have high blood pressure, have high cholesterol, or if your doctor wants to put you on a statin medication to lower your cholesterol, this test can help you to determine what your risk for developing a heart attack or stroke in the future.  After the test, you can decide how aggressively to treat your risk factors.

Family history plays a large part in your risk for heart disease. Immediate family like parents, grandparents should be considered. If your first-degree relatives under the age of 55-60 years old test positive for heart disease, it important to get tested. Thirty-five years old seems early, but in men in their late 30’s and 40’s should be tested if they have multiple risk factors.

If you want to come in get this scan it’s just a flat rate of $69 and the cost doesn’t go through insurance.

The patient is put through a five-minute scan and the report is sent to them after being reviewed by a radiologist within about a week. The results are also sent to your referring doctor.

This is available at multiple locations alone the Wasatch Front which you can find at FifteenMinuteHeartScan.com.

You can also find more information about Timpanogos Regional Hospital at TimpHospital.com

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