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It’s not too late to start a summer training program for athletes and non-athletes

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – With summer in full swing many think it’s too late to start a training program to get ready for fall sports or just to get in better shape. Experts say don’t let the summer heat get to you, now is a great time to begin working toward fitness goals, and trainers can help guide you along the way, according to Becca Bennion, running program coordinator for Intermountain Healthcare’s TOSH. 

Trainers can play a major role in helping athletes and everyday people reach their fitness goals. Summer actually gives people more opportunities to do a variety of workouts because the nice weather lets you do more outside. Studies have shown that being outside for workouts can offer vitamin D and possibly boost your mood.

Bennion says the way to get the most out of workouts is to work with a trainer and set fitness goals from the start. These goals can then help the trainers develop workouts and give benchmarks for the athletes and non-athletes.

Athletic Training

Athletes are often working on endurance and movement patterns as a goal. Trainers help find where a person’s endurance base is and gradually do more intense workouts. A mix of cardio and strength training is the way trainers get people prepared for an upcoming season. This is done through verity of workouts including circuit and strength training. Experts stress that strength training doesn’t always include “bulking up,” but is instead about improving muscle strength for competition.

Another major focus for an athletes training is movement patterns. Bennion says this is an important part of working out because it focuses on the body movements athletes do during competition, but don’t always get attention during a traditional workout. Exercises that include quick movements and directional changes can also help an athlete strengthen those muscles and avoid injury.

Non-Athletic Training

For non-athletes who are looking to improve fitness Bennion says a trainer can be key to guiding a person towards a fitness goal. When setting benchmarks experts suggest being realistic and knowing your fitness level. Going too hard too fast can lead to injury and burnout so Bennion suggests having a workout plan for your current fitness level.

Having a trainer can also help give a variety to workouts and prevent plateauing. Doing the same workouts over and over can leads to them not being as effective because the body getting used to the movement. Switching up exercises helps in continually reaching fitness goals and keeps the workouts interesting.   


Whether someone is training for a sport or just to reach a fitness goal Bennion says nutrition plays an important part. During the summer nutrition needs change depending on the types of workouts and the warmer weather. A major focus of the summer time is to stay hydrated because of the hot weather and increased sweating. Bennion says people also lose iron when they sweat, and that’s why it’s important to make sure people are getting enough protein. Experts note that nutritional needs change during the day depending on when a person plans to do physical activity. For example, a person may need to eat a meal that includes more grains if it’s before an activity, and then eat more proteins afterwards.

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