It is national carpet cleaning month and Zerorez is celebrating

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July is national carpet cleaning month, so of course Zerorez is celebrating all month long. Jake Stone from Zerorez days they are using the month to create some awareness behind why to clean your carpets 

Stone says, “People forget or they say, “oh, I’ve never cleaned my carpets. It’s been eight years.” And so were just trying to help people understand okay here’s why it’s important.”

The carpet in the home is a filter for all the gunk that is coming in and out. It’s actually the biggest filter in the home and it can affect health. When air quality starts to get bad in your house the first reason can be your carpet.

Zerorez’s process to clean is different than any other so that carpet doesn’t’t get dirtier after cleaning it.
First, the Zerorez technicians are trained to be perfect and any mistake is made right. Second, the tools (the wand, lifter and water) is a system which doesn’t leave soapy, crunchy residue. Finally, a 30-day-gotta-love-it guarantee. Zerorez will return and correct anything to make sure there is 100% satisfaction.

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