Is working from home the cause of chronic pain

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Dr. Krista Burns with the Ameican Posture Institute joins Rick Aaron on ABC4 to discuss back and neck problems because of abnormal posture because of the increase of employees working from home.

The American Posture Institute was founded in 2010 by Dr. Krista Burns and Dr. Mark Wade to increase the quality, and accessibility of Posture focused education and training for healthcare professionals. Having a combined 4 doctorates & 50+ Certifications in posture, neurology, ergonomics & human function, Drs. Krista & Mark are considered the most “Certified Posture Experts” on the planet.  

Dr. Krista Burns provides a few tips to help posture and improve your mood and focus while working from home:

  • Remember to keep moving and stay active.
  • Keep electronics at eye level.
  • Take a posture break for 30 seconds once every hour.

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition affecting the quality of life for many people. Posture can be one of the things that is causing that chronic pain.

For more information about The American Posture Institute visit their website.   

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