Is solar energy still a good option for powering Utah homes?

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Over the last few years there has been some excitement around solar power. Is it still a good choice? 

Solar power is still a very exciting and money-saving opportunity that many Utah home owners are embracing.

Utility companies have recently given a scare to many in Utah, but Hone Solar, and other solar power installers, are trying to educate home owners about the viability of solar energy.

“A lot of people just heard bits and pieces here and there from the utility [companies], from friends, from the internet. An unfortunately they don’t get the whole story.”

Hone Solar has a special goal to help educate and help people understand solar power is still a great option here in Utah.  Hone Solar is having a workshop on January 26th at Weber State for anyone who wants to delve into how it can help you and your family. 

You can also visit, visit them on Facebook, or call 1-855-443-4663.

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