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Intermountain Healthcare audiologists hosting free hearing loss seminar

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Kim Redford AU.D., Audiologist at Intermountain Healthcare, spoke to us about how much hearing is essential for participating fully in life, with family and any activity. It may be something we take advantage of, but those challenged by hearing loss often suffer from consequential conditions.

Hearing protection might not be out first thought, but there are a variety of kinds for concerts, mowing your lawn, shooting, and any activity. 

New hearing protection often has replaceable filters that block out sound and adjust what you want to hear. At a concern you may want to block out very high volume and noise, but still want to hear your friend next to you. They are now made to be very discrete but effective for the kind of protection you need for the circumstance. 

Hearing aids today have also been designed to be more effective and discrete. The most common complaint is interference of background noise when trying to hear.  You may hear someone but not able to understand what they are saying or converse.

Connectivity is now available through your cell phones with most hearing aids. The elderly and young alike appreciate the function of adjusting volume and program changes through a smartphone.

On May 2 at Intermountain Medical Center there will be a Hearing Loss Seminar to provide information about hearing aids and the chance to talk to audiologists. Anyone is welcome and admission is free.

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