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Importance of getting physical therapy for an injury or surgery during the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a reduction in activity for people of all ages, but for some the lack activity has contributed to new or worsening injuries. Physical therapists at Intermountain Healthcare are reminding people not to put off seeking help.

A lack of activity often leads to the tightening of muscles which in turn causes pain to existing injuries or can make people more vulnerable to new ones.

Caregivers have seen patients with a host of reasons for why they don’t want to seek help, but Intermountain Healthcare physical therapist Brittney Damaceno says they’re always willing to work around issues to get people the help they need.

“We take every precaution at our facilities but if someone has a concern about COVID-19 we can do telehealth visits at their home, and if it’s about affordability we can work out a plan to fit a person’s budget,” said Damceno. “The last thing we want is people suffering at home when they could be feeling better with a little help.”

Damceno said therapists can work out a plan to balance in person care with at home exercises to help a patient make progress with their injury.

The benefits of physical therapy are not just about recovering from an injury but strengthening parts of the body to avoid future problems. Therapists use a series of stretches, movements, and exercises to target a problem area. They also closely monitor a patient’s progress to ensure the injury is healing properly.

Physical therapy also has other major benefits including:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Avoiding surgery
  • Recovering from or preventing a sports injury
  • Improving balance
  • Managing age-related issues

All Intermountain facilities are following strict COVID-19 safety protocols which include mask-wearing and sanitizing all areas in between patient visits. Caregivers want to assure patients they are safe to visit and receive treatment.

For more information on Intermountain physical therapy services visit their website.

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