How to properly wash and care for your blankets

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If you have blankets or towels even three years old, changing how you wash them can immediately improve their quality.

Brian from Blankets by Brian started to look into what we use to wash our clothes and other materials. As someone who makes luxury blankets for a living, he wanted to see if washing with different cleaners other than today’s detergents and fabric softeners can improve softness and quality.

After three years of washing towels the same way, Brian switched to clean, whole alternatives like baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

The cleaning products with dies, scents, and conditioners actually make materials less soft. All you need to make sure things like your favorite blankets are soft and not being hurt are natural cleaning options.

Dryer sheets contain a good amount of fabric softeners as well which also may be a reason your dryer breaks. Wool balls are a better and much longer-lasting way to dry your clothes.

More information about how to use natural cleaning options visit Blankets by Brian Wash and Care.

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