How to help a loved one struggling with addiction this holiday

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This time of year it’s always hard for families and family members struggling with either physical or mental injuries. Reaching out to them, even just to ask how they are doing, can help them in recovery.

Josh Miller and Travis Whittaker, from Maple Mountain Recovery, say they have seen men are four times more likely to take their own lives. The rate increases with age and it is something that needs awareness.

The recovery center is experienced in changing the lives of those who have many forms of addiction. The program is dual licensed, able to treat mental health as well as substance abuse. Whether it’s alcohol, opiates, trauma, PTSD, or other mental or physical injuries.

Programs are tailored to what individuals are going through. There are so many different types of things affecting people for various reasons. Whether someone is a first responder suffering from trauma, or someone has a post-traumatic stress injury. Maple Mountain can treat a range of patients from professional athletes to a 24-year-old on heroin. The recovery plan is always individualized based on needs.

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