How to get and keep healthy glowing skin if you live in a harsh climate

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Glowing youthful skin is trending everywhere. But how do you get it? Ulli Haslacher knows how. She is the founder of a unique anti-aging skincare company called Pour-Moi climate-smart skincare. Formulated and customized specifically for your skin challenges in Utah. It’s so groundbreaking, that it recently won one of Time Magazines Best 100 inventions of 2020.

If you want younger looking skin, Pour-Moi makes it’s all about your zip code – not your skin type.

Many of their revolutionary products are tailored specifically to help your skin adapt and deal with Utah’s arid climate. One of them is the iconic Mountain Day Cream. It’s the first-of-its-kind moisturizer scientifically formulated to help your skin adapt, repair, and protect itself in this über dry, alpine-like climate. It helps promotes optimal skin hydration in locations higher than 2,000 feet., making it perfect for anyone seeking soft smooth skin in Utah.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your skin with a trio of skincare products, check out the Happy New You Kit: High Desert version. The climate-specific skin care kit comes with three unique products:

  • 1 game-changing Clarifying Polish, specifically formulated to accelerate clean, soft, renewed skin that feels baby-soft again. You’ll be WOW’ed by the replenished finish of your face and the dewy afterglow!
  • 1 drenching anti-aging Serum, specifically formulated for your local humidity levels (or the absence of it). The Serum makes your skin even smarter- Climate-Smart®!
  • 1 iconic climate-specific Day Cream, specifically formulated to give you youthful-looking skin in your local winter weather. This is the star of the show and the superstar of Pour Moi.

Last but not least, if you’re dealing with breakouts, skin irritation, and inflammation from wearing masks due to COVID-19, Pour-Moi has a solution for that as well. Moisture often gets trapped in masks, so they sought to develop a Smart Mask that uses moisture-controlling fabric to help combat the issue. The mask is washable, reusable, and double lab tested to hold its shape and fit after wash.

Pour-Moi offers a variety of skincare products designed specifically for the high-desert climate in Utah. Visit Pour-Moi Skincare now for more information.

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