How many fad diets are out there? How to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – We’re talking simple, straightforward and successful. Dr. Kell’s Weight Loss Program focuses on health and is measured by success. According to Dr. Kell’s, 88% of those who have used the programs have retained their healthy lifestyle and have kept the weight off. The program itself has a 90% success rate of bringing results to clients.

The weight loss program aims to work for the long term unlike a fad diet or trend. It’s a health transformation.

Your body changes along the way and technology only helps the process. Medical grade supplements can fix your metabolism. Eating plans can help balance hormones. Cosmetic technology like “red light” is one of the best machines in the market to get rid of fat, cellulite, wrinkles and the like.

It is common for people to try and fail at weight loss programs. Dr Kell’s emphasizes their program’s ability to be customized according to your needs and support from their team.

It can be very to find success through an app or website. A team and accountability coaches help you finish the program.

It can be hard to walk into an office and ask for help. For the first 15 callers there will be reserved spots for a free, no-obligation consultation just to come find out more information and the lifestyle change needed to transform your body.

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