How does your internet stand up to the latest Wi-Fi advancements?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Internet providers such as Xfinity now offer gigabyte internet speeds to their entire service footprint in Utah. Today, the average home has about 10 devices connected to Wi-Fi at one time. In the future it could quite possibly be 50. With that many devices you need internet capacity able to meet the task. Gigabyte speeds are the latest update put in place to handle the number of devices being used in homes today.

But what is the power and speed of your internet good for it doesn’t even reach into your whole home? Things like wireless routers and signal boosters, like xFi Pods, carry Wi-Fi coverage from wall to wall.

The last thing you’ll want as part of your internet service is control. As you use more and more devices, you can also have the ability to see them to determine connectivity and bolster security for each.

To see Xfinity’s capabilities and new offers, like its streaming environment Flex with voice activated remotes, go to

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