How do you feel when you unbox a new purchase?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Today, the unboxing of an item or product is big deal. Most everyone has ordered something online and they know the feelings of receiving something new. The opening of the box can be an experience. Wasatch Container takes that approach to making boxes that we all receive.

Sales Manager, Ryan Frisch, says after entering a credit card number and sipping information there is a moment for an experience.

“The biggest first impression is the box. So we’re trying to create a memorable and very positive impression through packaging.”

They call themselves the packaging problem solver. Wasatch Container is a based in North Salt Lake and made up of about eighty employees. Jerry Frisch was the founder who had a vision to service small to medium sized businesses in the Utah market for packaging.

They create packaging such as commercial packages customers receive, but also retail displays, foam fabrication, wooden crates and cases.

See the many things they do and how, visit, or call 801-295-8888.

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