SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – The Autism Council of Utah does incredible work in our state. It is an independent organization whose goal is to pool resources for people in the state affected by autism. The central location for all their information is There, families can find names of providers and agencies that can help and find the resources they need.

The independent council is 100% volunteer run and invests all of the funds raised back into the state for autism programs and resources. Cheryl Smith, of the council independent, knows all about the need for resources when tasked with the undertaking of caring for someone with autism. Her son Carson has autism and she knows it is sometimes a hard road finding help.

Doug Smith Subaru is one great supporter of the council and families caring for the autistic. The auto dealer has chosen it as their hometown charity providing funds that make so many resources available throughout the state. This as part of their local partnership program, “The Subaru Love Promise.”

Anyone can get involved and help by signing up as a member at You can also donate at the same online location.

The help that families receive from donations and volunteers is immeasurable, says Smith. The condition isn’t always the same for every person. Autism looks really different for every person and the therapies to help the autistic can look very different as well.

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