How Ameritech College is honoring Front-line workers during Nurses Week

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Sherry Jones President of Ameritech College of Healthcare joined Emily Clark on ABC4 to discuss what they’re doing to kick off Nurses Week and partnering with Swig.

At Ameritech, Our mission is to prepare people to serve as competent professionals, to advance their careers and to pursue lifelong learning. As a college of healthcare, we graduate thousands of nurses in our 40-year history. We are best known for our accelerated nursing programs and provide a variety of options for our students including a direct-entry Master’s program.

This is a time to honor and show our deepest love and respect for these professionals. This year, in particular, it has been especially difficult for nurses around the globe as they work on the frontlines to fight the novel coronavirus. When I think of our alumni and our students, I’m filled with pride knowing they are out there serving our community.

Several of our students at Ameritech have sought out ways to help during this pandemic, including volunteering their time to the state’s COVID-19 task force. As for the college, our wonderful faculty continue to teach in a virtual setting and provide opportunities or our students to have access to our simulation lab, while still abiding by the guidance provided by our health department.

We wanted to do something special and continue our partnership with Swig. We are providing a free cookie or 24 oz. drink to every nurse that shows theirs at one of Swig’s Utah locations. It is a small way we can give back to these wonderful nurses in their week.

2020 has also been dubbed the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife by the World Health Organization, celebrating the 200 year anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale – founder of modern-day nursing and epidemiology.

Interestingly enough, Florence Nightingale was born around the time of the Cholera epidemic in the 1800s. Her work and organization changed the healthcare community forever, not only during epidemics but in working with patients. Fast forward 200 years, we again face a global pandemic, and nurses once again are working the front-lines.

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