Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness is a trauma, PTSD and addiction recovery facility that helps people overcome the bonds of dependency. It offers treatment for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders in a private, compassionate setting within a safe and secure location. Treatments seek to eliminate fear and hopelessness by providing heightened life and recovery skills. The program prepares residents in their mission to actualize a life of true freedom and happiness.

Addiction damages all relationships with family, friends, and God. Overcoming and healing wounds is centered in focus on the trauma. Deer Hollow pulls in family members, old friends, and those most important to residents to help those relationships grow.

Deer Hollow has helped those that have given up on life by turning relationships around. The family needs to know how to lay the foundation of support and be able to help their loved ones when the time comes.

Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness
888-5-WEKNOW or 801-679-6669

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