How a reverse mortgage is becoming a great financial strategy

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If you’re worried about having enough money for retirement, you’re not alone. Many baby boomers are in the same boat, but there’s an easy solution. Here to explain is Tyson Thacker from BOSS Retirement Solutions

If you’re in your 60’s or 70’s, there’s a lot of people in this group who have a problem. They can’t retire because so much of their wealth is tied up in their home. Equity is just sitting there doing nothing and you could put that home equity to work through a reverse mortgage. 

People hear the word reverse mortgage and they’re thinking, “I’m not so sure a reverse mortgage is right for me”. A lot has changed with a reverse mortgage today. You can instantly turn that home equity into cash. Your home still remains yours, not the banks, and it remains part of your estate so it may be the one thing that finally allows you to retire.

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