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How a “Living Well Self-Management Class” can help people living with chronic conditions

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The Living Well Self-Management Programs run by the Utah Department of Health and taught by Intermountain Healthcare are evidence-based programs that have been shown to improve self-health, life satisfaction, and resourcefulness. 

The programs include: Living Well with Chronic Conditions, Living Well with Chronic Pain, Living Well with Diabetes. They can be attended by not only the individual with the chronic/long-term condition but also by their family member or support person.

The Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a great foundational class for any type of long-term health condition.  This can include high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, arthritis, or really any type of condition that is long and sustained.

It is also been a good option to consider if you have chronic pain or diabetes and it’s been tough to get into those classes because they may not coincide with your schedule.

The Living Well with Chronic Pain class is geared toward those with all types of long-term pain conditions. Those with low back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches and migraines, are just a selection of pain issues that people with these issues can benefit from registering.

“Self-management tools are becoming a foundational element of many integrated care models for various types of health conditions, such as with chronic pain and diabetes.  By providing these free classes, it makes this type of care more accessible for all populations,” said Rebbi Burdett, self-management program coordinator for the Intermountain Healthcare Community Health.

All of the classes talked here are provided for free to the community, available in Spanish, and accessible in a variety of ways. Sessions are currently being taught online in live virtual class settings or via telephone conference calls.  The hope is to begin teaching in-person classes soon. 

Virtual classes are a great option for those who are familiar with technology and have access to a smart device with a webcam. But telephone options are good for those who may not be comfortable with technology or don’t have access to reliable internet or a smart device with a webcam.

Classes are available by visiting their website or by calling Intermountain Healthcare at 801-442-5544.

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