Help for Tax day 2020 and PPP

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Jennifer Brown with My Tax Expert joined Emily Clark on ABC4 to talk about the Paycheck Protection Program and extended tax deadlines that are quickly approaching on July 15th.

The Paycheck Protection Program provided small businesses with resources they needed to maintain their payroll, hire back employees, and cover applicable overhead.

Tax Deadlines are quickly approaching and taxes can be complicated, especially with the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed in 2020. My Tax Expert focuses on taxes and wants to help you pay the least amount in taxes that they possibly can.

With the Paycheck Protection Program, you can elect 8 weeks or 24 weeks to spend the amount of the loan, if for any reason this is not done correctly there could be fees associated. Contact My Tax Expert for help on filing information or help with an extension for the payment.

If you’re not filing for an extension, all Payments are due July 15th, 2020 to avoid a 10% penalty. Make sure you have someone, like My Tax Expert to help you rearrange your bookkeeping the correct way.

For additional information about My Tax Expert visit their website.

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