Heber Half Run for Autism

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David Bell with Runtastic Events joined Emily Clark on ABC4 today to tell us some more information about the 3rd annual Heber Half Run For Autism that is being sponsored by Kids On The Move & Runtastic Events.

The Heber Half Run For Autism live race will take place on Friday, June 27 in Heber City. All proceeds will go to the Kids On The Move Autism Center.

The Heber Half Run for Autism includes a half marathon, a 5K race, and a half-mile all abilities run and this is the first official autism run in Utah.

Runastic Events and Kids on the Move knows that COVID-19 has added additional concerns for everyone this year. They have made sure that they’ve added extra safety precautions for all.

  • Sanitation stations at the starting line, buses, and multiple locations at the finish line that provide hand sanitizer, gloves, masks.
  • Sending off half marathon runners in waves of 50 to maintain distance.
  • Half marathon runners can be dropped off at the start, park at the starting line, or take the bus and ride 6ft. apart from other runners.
  • Volunteers will all be equipped with gloves.

For those not looking to run but still want to help support the cause, Kids On The Move is also offering a virtual race option.

  • You can register here.
  • A virtual race is open from June 27th – July 11th and you can run anytime, anywhere.
  • 2020 Medals, shirts, and bibs will be mailed to you.

Medals for the 2020 year:

  • Acceptance is this year’s theme on the spectrum of coming to know and love someone with autism.
  • Receive 4 years’ worth of medals and complete your puzzle piece frame!

To register for the race or to find more information on the cause, you can visit their website, Facebook, Youtube, and share your photos on Instagram.

For more information and to support the sponsors for the Heber Half Run for Autism you can visit their websites and also share your race photos.

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