Healing, not just trauma, can be passed down to future generations

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A lot of times we think of trauma as the result of a car accident, the experience of war, or a big event. However, trauma can come from various life experiences like a divorce, bullying, parenting by mentally ill parents, or going through an illness.

Our bodies react to the stress from these situations and symptoms appear.

The symptoms that you see from trauma can be depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors, substance abuse, domestic violence. These behaviors are symptoms of underlying trauma that hasn’t been resolved or treated.

One important thing to know is everyone’s trauma is different. People can be experience trauma in different ways. Sometimes family systems have historical trauma that hasn’t been resolved and family members are affected.

Maple Mountain Recovery knows that trauma can be passed down from generation to generation, but so can healing. Besides addiction, trauma, and PTSD, they help first responders and professionals. The recovery center can help the whole family recover from trauma and stress.

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