Hard water causing you problems?

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Today on ABC4 we have Troy Brazell with Tech Flow who has the exclusive distribution for HydroFLOW speaking with Rick Aaron and speaking about Utah’s hard water problem.

HydroFLOW eliminates scale build-up and prevents a new scale from forming. It also extends the life of your water-based appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine by up to five years. This eliminates the hard crusty scale from appliances and greatly improves water and landscape features.

Once HydroFLOW is installed there is no maintenance required for Home and Business Owners

HydroFLOW is installed in quite a few commercial properties, saving equipment, reducing chemical use in the boilers and cooling towers, reducing downtime, and eliminating scale and bio. Any application where you see scale build up HydroFLOW keeps hard water from forming.  

TechFLOW has worked in the food processing side reducing downtime on equipment. They’re in big mining facilities, agriculture, restaurants, University of Utah sports facilities, and industrial applications.

HydroFLOW technology has been around for over 20 years, It is out of the U.K. but the HydroFLOW is brand new to Utah. We have only been in Utah for about a year and TechFLOW has the exclusive distribution rights here. 

For more information about how TechFLOW can help you get HydroFLOW installed, you can call 801-516-3938 ext: 1 and get a free estimate or you can visit their website.

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