Explore the 5 core relationships in each of our lives

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Feel Well Live Well believes there are five core relationships in our lives: with ourselves, God, other people, food, and money.
Some tips for improving relationship with yourself and with food:

  • Find a way to honor yourself (exercise, blue screen time)
  • Food (Focus on adding in the good before you take anything away… green smoothies, adding something living

A tip for improving relationship with others and with money: 

  • Find a way to add value to someone else’s life and be ok receiving compensation, if offered 

Eric Bailey, creator of Feel Well Live Well, joined us to talk about this philosophy. 

“Our thoughts, feelings, and habits make up our relationship blueprint. I met a gal not long ago who was on her fifth marriage and told me that she kept attracting the same dead end relationship in her life. She was in her early thirties. We taught her a number of tools to change her relationships blueprint, and things began to improve. We have a three-day event called Celebration of Relationships and Romance.”

“This is not a marriage class, although many married couples do come and have an amazing time. Some have celebrated their anniversaries at the class. We have Testimonials from people who tell us that they were on the verge of divorce before the class but that the tools and skills they learned at the class saved their marriage.”

“However, more singles come to the class than couples because this is about all of our relationships. You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn how to build relationships with business partners and potential clients, and you will improve your relationship with money so that you can attract more of it.”

Tickets to the class are normally $1,397.00 per person, but Eric is giving away full-ride scholarships to 5 individuals and 5 couples who feel they would benefit from an upgrade in their life. All they need to do to be considered is send an email to Eric@FeelWellLiveWell.com with the subject ‘Relationships’ with their name, contact info, and why they would like to be considered. 
You can find more information about the Celerabtion of Relationships and Romance class here:

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