Excuses don’t change results

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While usually the business leader and author Art Coombs will be joining in for Motivation Mondays, today will be his long-term friend and colleague Kirk Weisler.

Kirk is also a speaker and best-selling author and he spoke with Nicea DeGering of ABC4 regarding excuses and making a change which is discussed in Chapter 10 of The Hard Easy.

What’s one of the biggest barriers that stop us from making the changes that will really improve our lives. 

The short answer is “Excuses “ a  favorite mantra of Art that I have heard literally hundreds of times over my 2 decades of knowing him was “Excuses don’t change results”  He dedicates a whole chapter to it in Hard Easy, listing the top 11 Excuses of all time.

11?!   What are they, how can we stop making them, and how can we start making positive change?

For starters, as I share these 11 excuses, I invite you to listen for your personal favorites – the ones you are most conditioned to give.  Then, in the end, I’ll share ideas with positive action today.

  • I want to change, but I can’t
  • I am only human
  • Nature vs Nurture Excuses – it’s just the way I am.
  • I don’t have the time or money to change
  • I am not ready to change
  • I don’t know how to change
  • What if I fail?
  • It’s not going to work, because nothing ever works out for me, why should I try?
  • I don’t want to change / I don’t need to change
  • I am too old /too young to change.
  • I will change tomorrow.

Write this down – Write it BIG and place it where you can see it frequently. “People make excuses, or they make a difference.  I choose to make a difference”

Take your favorite excuse, own it like a beast. Meaning – in the spirit of total vulnerability – apologize to the people who have heard it from you the most. A real apology means you intend to never do it again. Invite them to tell you the minute that excuse starts coming out of your mouth, promise them that if they will do this for you, You’ll buy them lunch, give them a kiss or whatever.

Their act of loving accountability is an act of love and while you might not love it at the moment. You will love the feeling of the change can only come when we stop making excuses and start making a difference. 

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