Duchesne County on The County Seat

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Derek Dowsett joined Rick Aaron of ABC4 to discuss some future things they are addressing in July on The County Seat.

Derek informed us that they’re planning on talking about the aftermath of the Dollar Ridge Fire and the restoration work that they are prepping for along the Strawberry River.

After a fire comes flooding and damage around the burn scar. Duchesne County currently has a 28 million dollar project to help clean and protect the water treatment plant to help the Starvation River.

The County Seat is also planning a program about what the BLM has planned to actively gather Wild horses near the Delta area.

The County Seat is a weekly television program that studies the role of County Government and explores the difficult issues facing county leadership in a frank and straightforward conversation. The County Seat was launched six years ago as a solution to counties not being able to reach and engage their constituents through normal media channels.

The County Seat was equally concerned with their needs getting overlooked by legislators, as well as state and federal agencies. As the issues counties grapple with have become more complicated, information has become simplified and sensationalized; which has turned out to be a poor process for discussing public policy.

The County Seat focuses on the important local issues in a longer format rather than the 90-second news story, aimed at beginning a dialogue. This allows viewers to jump in and learn about County Government without running for office.

The County Seat is broadcast Saturday Evenings at 11:00 & Sunday Mornings at 8:30 on the ABC affiliate out of Salt Lake City, UTAH (KTVX), and re-aired on local cable channels across the state.

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