Deer Hollow incorporates ‘Continuum of Care’ as part of addiction recovery process

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One focus that Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness finds essential to recover from trauma and addiction is what they call a ‘Continuum of Care’. A recovery plan that includes the family or loved ones as an essential piece.

After a resident has spent time recovering at Deer Hollow, they need to have a transition plan. The average time in residential 30-45 days where the focus is on the trauma, the underlying cause of addiction.

Going back to every day life is very hard as residents try to integrate new skills and a new way of living into their old lives. New issues and new triggers can occur that someone recovering doesn’t anticipate.

Deer Hollow works with the recovering individual and with the families to help integrate back into a life with new circumstances, helping them incorporate a new way of living. The family has to be part of the recovery or the individual won’t be successful. Returning to the same environment isn’t’ possible. The family was part of the initial trauma and must be a part of the recovery and change.

There is hope for addiction. Visit or call 888-5-WE-KKNOW (888-593-5669).

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