Careless pedestrians hold responsibility in car accidents

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Pedestrians involved in a car accident may actually hold some, if not most fault. During school time and crossing roads, pedestrians should practice safety to avoid an accident. There is a possibility of becoming legally responsible and pedestrians should always be attentive to safety laws.

Chris from the Advocates shared some examples of pedestrian accident cases they meet frequently while school is in session. One law in the state of Utah to be aware of is comparative negligence.

Comparative negligence says you can recover from damages after an accident even if you’re at fault, as long as you aren’t entirely responsible (over 51%.) Following the law and being safe will help you to avoid full legal responsibility.  

Pedestrian Safety Practice In Crosswalks

  • Pay attention to all crossing signals
  • Look both ways before crossing
  • Use crossing flags if available
  • Stay within crosswalk

Better than having to deal with a legal issue is practicing safety each time when traveling on foot.

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