Bountiful company ARIIX is showing how global business in beneficial to all

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Dr. Fred Cooper is a consultant to the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) that works with China’s Ministry of Commerce. He has also been given an honorary professorship to their University of International Business.

ARIIX is emphasizing the need to think and act globally, every business and every representative to succeed. ARIIX is in direct selling, which means they have representatives everywhere. It’s critical to understand as companies what representatives value, how they want to work, and how their customers want to be served.

In direct selling, parties used to be important. And affinity selling. But that’s not how the majority of people want to sell or want to be sold to anymore. There is a need to really listen and really understand how this works in every culture. Perhaps it works one way in America and perhaps another for the representatives you’re supporting in China or Asia or the 22 countries around the world you may serve.

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