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Back to School Immunizations

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With the pandemic continuing and school starting, this year, it’s more important than ever to keep babies and children up to date on their immunizations and take them in for a well-visit check-up with their doctor.

If you missed getting your baby or child immunized during the early months of the pandemic, you can do that now, according to Dr. Tamara Sheffield, medical director of community health and prevention for Intermountain Healthcare.

And don’t forget to go back for a flu shot for your child, teen or baby who is over six months of age, Dr. Sheffield advises.

In addition to regular immunizations, the most important vaccine for kids to get this fall is the influenza (flu) vaccine. The influenza vaccine should be widely available in our area by about mid-September.

Influenza can be deadly for kids. About 187 children died from influenza in the U.S. this past season.

We need to make sure that during the COVID-19 pandemic, people aren’t getting a virus that in many ways can look like COVID-19 with symptoms of cough, fever, and being down in bed for days.

Not knowing if you’ve got the flu or COVID-19 could lead to a larger number of people who need testing. Influenza cases increase the need for urgent or emergency care or even hospitalization. We don’t want to overwhelm the system. So, do your part to take preventive measures by getting immunized.

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