Apex Dental adopts Uber Health to help patients access necessary health care

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Apex Family Dental is taking steps to combine technology, patient care, and convenience by partnering with an innovative branch of Uber called Uber Health. This new platform combines technology and a creative approach to conquering what can be a large hurdle for many people that prevents them from getting the care they need and deserve. 

Uber Health helps health related businesses to take a giant step forward in accessing necessary health care. 

Teaming with Uber Health, Apex Dental is trying to provide a sense of relief to those who are struck with the difficulties of getting to their doctor for an important appointment. There are numerous patients each day in Utah that are unable to make it to important appointments because of medication, illness, transportation issues or they are simply unable to drive. With Uber Health, Apex Dental is now sending a driver to pick up the patient and bring them to their appointment and take them back home.

The patients do not need the Uber app or even a smart phone to get a reliable ride to and from their appointment. The best part of this partnership is that this is at no cost to the patient. Apex provides a free, pre-scheduled, on time ride to the appointment for any patient in need of this service.

“Our goal as a company has always been to put the patient first,” said Dr. Joe Maio, Chief Executive Officer at Apex Dental. “By partnering up with Uber Health, we are able to relieve the patient of any stress that they might have trying to get to their appointment. We feel this is a great opportunity to utilize technology in a creative way to help patients that might not otherwise be able to care for their dental health”

Uber Health is also HIPAA Complaint where the patient’s information will be protected while coordinating rides.

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