Allstate and Scholé Yoga encourage safe driving with free yoga

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Distractions are everywhere now more than ever, and being present behind the wheel has become a challenge. In 2016, there were nearly 6,000 crashes due to distracted driving in Utah, and 9 percent of all accidents involved a distracted driver, according to the Utah Department of Highway Safety.

Despite the challenges facing drivers today, awareness of the issue is already making Utah’s roads a little safer. Salt Lake City drivers have improved since the state’s department of highway safety and Zero Fatalities Utah teamed up to start the “Join the Resistance” campaign in January of this year. According to Allstate America’s Best Drivers report, Salt Lake City now ranks as the 48th safest driving city in the United States, 10 spots up from last year.  

To continue to encourage drivers to focus behind the wheel, Allstate Insurance Company and Scholé Yoga joined forces to launch the first Be Present mindful driving campaign in Salt Lake City. Residents can attend a free, all-levels community yoga class, guided by Micah Scholes and Shannon McPhee at Publik Coffee Roasters.

Many yoga practices can help all drivers improve focus and safety and reduce distractions. Weave the wisdom of yoga into your drive with these tips:

Breathe: Deep breathing helps to keep your awareness grounded in the present moment and mitigates the effects of potential stress in traffic.
Drive with compassion: Have you ever felt gratitude when another driver allows you to go in front of them, or received a “thank you” wave when you allowed someone to pass you? Embody that compassion to help avoid road rage or potential conflict.
Set an intention: Take a deep breath and create an intention for your drive, such as having a safe ride and peaceful interactions with your fellow motorists.
Practice mindful driving: Feel the wheel in your hands, the air conditioning, the roadway around you, the sound of the engine and the traffic ahead of you. This is mindful driving-full awareness of what you are doing in that moment. Just drive.
Use the power of music: Music can make a powerful impact on our mood. Choose to cruise with music that helps you remain calm and connected at the wheel. Picking a playlist before you move out of park can help you stay mindful while you drive.
Eliminate distractions: Driving distractions are everywhere. Phone calls, emails, texts, eating, advertisements, pedestrians-all of these pull us away from the task at hand-operating a vehicle. Multitasking while driving can be incredibly dangerous and causes countless crashes each year. Stay present to help ensure you arrive safely at your destination. 

“Everyone wants the people they love to be safe on the road,” Scholé Yoga founder Micah Scholes said. “Despite the innumerable distractions of our modern age, the ancient teachings of yoga can help us practice mindfulness behind the wheel just as they do on the mat.”

Every Scholé Yoga practice is designed for students of all abilities to come together and connect with what matters most to them. Music and empowering instruction play a central role in the uniquely modern practice of Scholé Yoga, helping everyone reduce stress, create connection and develop new techniques to stay focused on and off the mat. Join us to discover ways to weave the powerful wisdom of yoga into driving, and arrive early to receive special free giveaways, such as “Be Present” tank tops and stickers, available while supplies last.

Be Present Salt Lake City Yoga Event

The Scholé Yoga class begins promptly at 7 p.m. The Publik event space opens at 6:30 p.m., so please plan to arrive early for time to park, check-in and connect.

Allstate and Scholé Yoga recommend registering by visiting:

You can also search “Be Present Salt Lake City Yoga Event” on to secure a spot.

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