After 3 years, Southern Utah Tourism Summit benefits any business

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Tourism brings billions into our state economy every year. The Southern Utah Tourism Summit is a gathering of businesses, leaders, and individuals wanting to benefit Utah’s tourism industry.

Joining us to talk about this year’s summit was Cody Adent, VP and CFO of Vibrant Management, and Breck Dockstader, President and CEO of Vibrant Management.

The summit has become the place for the industry’s leaders to converse, collaborate, connect and learn in order to benefit the state’s resource for everyone. It facilitates networking with peers and learning about other opportunities that exist in our counties and state to make a difference in your business.

Anyone who is part of the tourism industry should attend no matter what kind of impact tourism has had on your life. If you live in Southern Utah and own a business or are concerned about your community, you should be there. Even if you don’t yet own a business but aspire to, this is a great first start.

The organization has been able to take feedback from the first summit and include suggestions and improvements for this year. There is now an addition half day for breakout sessions and networking events.

Visit to register and join the summit on April 2-3th in Kanab, Utah.

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