Acoustic wave therapy can help your relationship

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How men perform in the bedroom can be a sensitive topic. No man wants to admit they struggle with erectile dysfunction, but a local clinic has a solution that is making a difference for many.

Wasatch Medical wants to help men get their lives back as the impact of ED is not just physical but psychological for all involved – the patient and their partner.

  • Rates of depression in men with erectile dysfunction are reported to be as high as 56%.
  • Anxiety in a sexual situation is prevalent and can trigger a loss in sexual confidence.
  • As a result of this psychological burden, many men with erectile dysfunction avoid sexual situations.
  • Erectile dysfunction negatively affects a man’s quality of life and satisfaction in his relationship.
  • Erectile dysfunction is associated with female partner sexual dysfunction.

According to Andrew Rinehart with Wasatch Medical Clinic, ED is more common than you’d think. “65 percent of men over 55 struggle with the issue, it’s probably a lot higher, ” Rinehart said.

For years it’s been treated with medication and surgery, but now Wasatch Medical Clinic is offering a breakthrough and permanent solution. It’s called Acoustic Wave Therapy. “The reason this technology is so breakthrough is that it widens blood vessels, increases blood flow, and gives men the ability to perform naturally,” he said.

Rinehart said there are no side effects, other than a slight sting during the treatment. One patient who received the treatment gave this testimonial:

“After almost 5 years of struggling with erectile dysfunction, I called Wasatch Medical Clinic and went through their treatment program. I’m now back to 100% function in the bedroom. I don’t have to take any of the medication that I was taking for so many years. My relationship with my wife has improved 10 fold! Thank you for giving me my life back.”

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