Do you have some frustrating stains on your teeth? Powerswabs has developed a way you can take action to brighten your smile, feel healthier, and more confident.

It’s easy to know that everyone feels more attractive with a white smile. Not only that, but it makes you look healthier. A healthier, brighter smile can take years off your appearance.

Powerswabs is a tooth whitening system that makes this very possible and easy and is considered the most advanced teeth whitening system, it works in a matter of five minutes. It not only whitens teeth but physically lifts and removes stains caused by coffee, tea, chocolate, and wine.

The second benefit is the rehydration of the enamel. Powerswabs rehydrates teeth and is proven to cause zero to minimal sensitivity.

Users see an average of two shades whiter teeth just after the first five-minute application, and an average of six shades whiter over the course of the seven-day kit. Only totaling up to 35 minutes of out your whole week.

A touch up ‘Quick Stick’ is free right now with purchase, as well as 40% off with free shipping. You can order on the Powerswabs website or call 1-800-663-2909.

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