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1 out of 4 Melanoma patients in study from Utah

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A study of Melanoma and how it affects the Lymph Nodes was done over the course of seven years. One out of every four patients in the study came from Utah showing the common issue in the state and the importance that Utahns are aware of it.

Dr. Tawnya Bowels came from Intermountain Medical Center, one of the institutes that was involved in the 63-international country study, to talk about the results of Melanoma research. 

A common problem that accompanies a very invasive type of the skin cancer is an affected Lymph Node. The study looked to see if those with melanoma should have all Lymph Nodes taken out along with one that may have been affected. The findings concluded that removing all of the Lymph Nodes wasn’t necessary for most patients.

Taking out all the Lymph Nodes does reduce the risk of the caner returning, but only in that area of the body. Patients can still be at risk of Melanoma spreading to other parts of the body, however it’s unlikely if the cancer was found in small amounts.

The sampling of or checking of a Lymph Node is still very relevant for Utahns in order to see if one or all have been affected.

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