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FREMON INDIAN STATE PARK, Utah (News4Utah) – The Good4Utah Road Tour continued to Fremont Indian State Park. A trip to the Richfield are will surely take your summer to new heights.

Fremont Indian State Park gives you the chance to uncover Utah’s ancient civilizations and it’s obviously something everyone in the family can dig.

Live demonstrations at Fremont Indian State Park are our portal to our past.

“They will never forget it, they will never forget the smell of the sagebrush, the smoke, the way we were cooking. They will never forget that,” said Rena Pikyavit with Fremont Indian State Park.

The park offers a taste of Native American traditions…and the knowledge of Utah’s heritage.

 “It’s a lot more meaningful than going someplace like Disney World or someplace like that,” said Rob Traester, Florida visitor.

From pit houses to pottery…stone tools to slippers…the artifacts on display were excavated right here in Clear Creek Canyon. The area showcases a parade of rock art anyone can marvel at for hours.

“We’ve got several different panels of rock art just all on one trail in one canyon. We’ve got an amazing hunting panel that shows the atlatl being thrown that you can learn how to use here. We also have petroglyphs that go all throughout the state park all along the cliffs here,” said Amy Ramsland. 

 “The geology is really, really interesting. there’s lots of diversity and once you learn that, you’re learning a lot about Central Utah and its history,” said Kirk Love.

Rock formations tower over the campgrounds of Fremont Indian State Park with trees, hookups, tent spots and even teepees. It’s a fantastic spot to dig into the Fremont tribe and let the family run free.

“There’s a lot of different places in southern Utah and everything from St. George to Zion, this isn’t quite as frequented, so we like to come down here where it’s a little quieter and see some of the sights,” said Jared Love. 

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