Experience Kodachrome Basin State Park on horseback

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Our Good4Utah Road Tour stopped in Kodachrome Basin State Park Wednesday. It’s a place known for its red rock and horseback riding trails. 
Utahns have been enjoying this area since 1963. 
“The view, the country, this is real stuff. This isn’t Disneyland, this is beautiful county and it’s how it’s been for a million years, that’s just special.” 
It’s a peaceful, quiet escape nestled in the red rock. 
 “Kodachrome is not a well-known place, so there’s not a lot of people here. It’s good for seclusion, you take your hikes on these trails. and nobody bothers you, you’re by yourself most of the time,” said Steve Beagley, horseback wrangler. 
Steve Beagley loves the serenity you find at the park. It’s why he spends his days sharing it with visitors on horseback. 
 “You’re not looking at your feet, watching wear you are stepping, the horse is doing all the walking for you. You can look around and enjoy where you are at. On a horse, you are really in t e country, you are part of it,” said Beagley. 
The horseback and hiking trails will completely wow you and show off some beautiful sights you can’t see everywhere. 
 “We have these sand pipes, these white pipes and this is one of the only places in the world that has those. Theya re different shapes, like the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon. They are unique,” said Beagley. 
Unique to southern Utah and different than the landscapes you see at neighboring Grand Staircase and Bryce Canyon. The park manager says the stone pipes get people talking. 
“There are a couple of theories, the first theory is they were geysers at one point. The theory I like going by, is there’s a crack in the sandstone formation, and the slurry, harder rock, was pushed out through that crack, winded out, and of course over the ions they petrified, the softer sandstone eroded and this is what you get, a column,” said Beagley. 
The sandstone layers reveal 180 million of geologic development and in addition to the trails, Kodachrome Basin is an easy place to set up show for the night. 
With two campgrounds underneath the blue skies and rock formations, you can’t go wrong.  
“It feels like a vacation and you’re actually camping. Some of the national parks we’ve been too it feels like you are in the ‘city park’ with tents right next to you, this doesn’t feel like that at all. They are great, there is a lot of privacy, it’s pretty spread out,” said Jen Sims, Utah visitor. 
For more information on Kodachrome Basin State Park, or to book your horseback ride,  visit https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/kodachrome-basin/.
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