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SEVIER COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) – Fremont Indian State Park is an amazing spot for the family, but it’s just the jumping off point for activities in Sevier County.

It’s never a bad time for the adventure to take off in Sevier County and this is the weekend you want to be here with your family and your eyes to the skies.

The balloon festival over Salina in Sevier County is just about here and if you haven’t seen a balloon launch…

 “I just heard the noise and I was like what?! It was actually, really cool,” said Megan Taylor Ephraim resident.

…you’re missing out on some high-flying beauty. The festival Father’s Day weekend showcases 28 balloons with activities for the family.

The hot air balloon, Chzech It Out, will take to the skies with pilot Josh and you can catch a balloon glow and tethered rides.

“They do everything in their power to get as many people as they can off the ground and show them a great time. it’s a wonderful experience. if you’re a little timid about going on a balloon flight, that’s a great introductory way to get into it,” said Josh Lewis. 

And after your balloon lands, it’s time to hit the trails in Sevier County.

 “I have to stop every few minutes to admire the greenery. All the different colors of green on the trees, as you listen to the wind hit the trees, it’s lovely,” said Caroll Davis, ATV rider.

Accessing thousands of miles of trails is as easy as hitting the gas on your OHV.

The Paiute Trail is across the street from Fremont Indian State Park and you cross rocks, rivers and roll up on old historic mines.

The ride takes you through mountains and meadows and offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

 “We don’t have the crowds, we’ve got all these trail systems, plenty of areas to ride and to be on these trails and not have to choke on dust all day long,” said Chad McWilliams with Sevier County Tourism.

For more on things to do in Sevier County, head to http://www.sevierutah.net/.

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