Exotic animals find Safe Haven in Nevada desert

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IMLAY, Nev. (News4Utah)- This week we’re taking you on a special road tour across northeastern and north-central Nevada showcasing unique destinations located just a few hours from the Utah border.

Lions, tigers, and bears…. Oh, and don’t forget the bobcats, coyotes, turtles and a few exotic birds!

The next stop on our sponsored Travel Nevada Road Tour is Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary in Imlay.

The small town is about six hours west of Salt Lake City. It’s a wild adventure that’s worth the road trip!

With the warm morning sun beating down on her, a cool drink of water is exactly what Carli the tiger needed.

For her pal, Lily, a refreshing dip in the pool does the trick. Carli and Lily are roommates. They live in a spacious habitat designed especially for their natural instincts.

 “We’re not surrounded by condominiums and townships and things like that. It’s very quiet. It’s very private out here and it’s really a great place for the animals,” said Lynda Sugasa, founder of Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thirty-two animals currently share the remote 320-acres of prime Nevada desert.

It’s their sanctuary. Their safe haven. It’s their forever home.

“I think what is most unique about what we do is that they are all rescues with personal stories. You know someone who had tigers in their backyard as pets. Some animals that were abandoned, some wildlife that were not able to be reintroduced into the wild,” said Sugasa.

Lynda Sugasa is the founder of Safe Haven.

Her mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and care for wildlife and to help them thrive as nature intended.

Sugasa says Safe Haven is a place where lions can relax in the sun and enjoy a snack.

Bears like Teddy can scratch an itch to their heart’s content and tigers like Lily and Carli can do whatever it is that tigers do naturally.

Every resident at Safe Haven is there receiving a second chance at having a better life.

In addition to rehabilitating and caring for animals unable to return to the wild, Safe Haven also educates visitors.

“They are wild animals, they will never be tamed. So many times, people will get a cub and say oh my gosh I went in with it as a cub, so I can go in with it now. No! The animal is wild, they will never lose that instinct,” said Sugasa.

Guided tours of Safe Haven are available three times each day by appointment including weekends. For more information visit https://safehavenwildlife.com/.

If you’d like to find out more about the area, visit http://www.cowboycountry.org/

The Good4Utah Road Tour is sponsored by Inergy and Travel Nevada.

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