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EMERY COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) -The Good4Utah road tour rolled into Emery County and while visiting Huntington State Park, the crew got the chance to marvel at some amazing rock formations that bring climbers in from around the world.

Getting a grip on adventure in Emery County is easy with top notch bouldering at your fingertips. It’s kind of hard, not to dig this place.

Camie Stilson is the java jam in Orangeville, Utah. She brews up coffee and hears the buzz from international climbers –Joe’s Valely has the climbs of the times.

 “They will meet here, get their stuff and they will climb. That’s how their community is. They will find each other on Instagram or another platform and be like I am going to Joe’s, anyone else want to climb?” said Stilson, owner of Cup of Joes.

In the last couple of years, more climbers are discovering and holding onto the hidden gems of Emery County.

“There’s not a lot of areas that have a high concentration of difficult climbing on high quality rock,” said Lizzie Ellison, career climber.

 “It’s physically challenging and mentally challenging. I think mental is important. And Being outside and accomplishing things you never you through you would. Pushing your limits, it’s rewarding,” said Brittany Hansen, Huntington climber.

Hansen loves bouldering the big rocks. She grew up in the area and only discovered climbing a few years ago. The climbs are right off the road. She says it’s important to know what’s in your backyard.

If you aren’t up for the climb, that’s OK. There’s plenty more to see—.the Wedge Overlook draws quite the crowd.

“It’s gorgeous and we wouldn’t have even of found this if someone else didn’t tell us about it,” said Sylivia DiPrisco, Wyoming resident.

That’s part of the glory of Emery County. If you don’t get off the freeway, you don’t really know the beauty waiting for you. There’s solitude. There’s scenery. There’s the chance to recreate however you choose.

 “It’s not very crowded. It’s not very busy. You can get away and disconnect with your family and enjoy the time together. If you love to hike if you love to mountain bike. It depends on whatever activity you enjoy…pretty likely you can do it here,” said Tina Carter with Emery County Tourism.

For more information about what Emery County has to offer visit http://www.emerycounty.com/travel/.

The Good4Utah Road Tour is sponsored by Inergy.

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